Thai Massage Therapy

Release, Relax, Heal


Thai Massage (no oil)

Similar to yoga, this modality helps the body with circulation and flexibility. Our massage therapists use acupressure combined with stretching and stepping to achieve the best flexibility results.

Swedish Massage

Light pressure massage with hot oil. Promotes relaxation and blood circulation. Helps alleviate stress and enables the mind and body to rest.

Deep Tissue

Firmer and deeper massage with hot oil. Focus on knots and deeper muscular tension.


Helps relieve muscle swelling and tension by focusing on problem areas with various techniques.

Thai Combo

Our most popular choice. A combination of Thai, Swedish and deep tissue with hot oil. Recommended by our massage therapists for best overall bodywork.


1 Hour



Free Hot Stone & Aromatherapy

90 Minutes



Free Hot Stone & Aromatherapy

2 Hours



Free Hot Stone & Aromatherapy

Reflexology Foot Massage 30 Min. $30


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Thai Massage Therapy Mission

Our goal is to create a holistic and healing environment for all. We understand the value of peace and peace of mind. We live in a loud and stressful world. Our goal is to help people stop and just be in the moment. Be in the here and now of total peace and relaxation. We want people to experience their overall well-being of health. Massage therapy is not only for relaxation of the body, but is also beneficial to the mind and soul. The combination of meditation music, aroma therapy, pressure points and stretching in our massages, enhances the feelings of Zen and euphoria. At Thai Massage Therapy, we value our people, we value our work, and we value the difference we can make with each beautiful soul that walks into our doors. We know that with each experience, you will find your peace again. Namaste

“The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely”

Yung Pueblo